The project will design a call for mini-project proposals that (i) are of particular interest and have potential to be enhanced with AI techniques, and (ii) will address ethical, legal, and social aspects in AI on the local, national, and regional level. This approach will provide an important means of establishing active communication between those who create AI applications, those who conduct research and those working in policy application areas. At least 50 percent of projects awarded will support either female-led innovations or innovations focused on improving gender equality. This activity will be achieved by:

  • Call for proposals for ten AI innovations that address some of the development challenges identified above. Each grant will be between
  • CA$1,000-10,000 depending on the proposal, for three to nine months
  • Physically co-located teams with the possible remote involvement of research advisors and student supervisors

Innovation projects will be designed based on the competences, research resources and data at the Network partners’ sites in the most appropriate format, either as challenges, hackathons, prototypes, use cases including piloting scenarios, etc. They will strive towards including some software development and will require multidisciplinary collaborations across the social, humanistic, and computational sciences.