This project will:


  1. Initiate a fellowship for AI researchers focused on African languages, based on previously funded work on language datasets. This work contributes to a roadmap for better integration of African languages on digital platforms in aid of lowering the barrier for African participation in the digital economy,
  2. Significantly improve the representation of AI research carried out on African languages by creating resources for a variety of NLP tasks and in a variety of African languages that will enable good, data-driven results in AI research,
  3. Attract a community of native speakers as contributors of language resources and language technology tools to adopt and support Masakhane NLP, a platform for sharing, maintaining and making use of language resources and tools; establishing widely agreed benchmarks for NLP tasks and stimulating competition between methods and systems,
  4. Be used as a model case to inform evidence-based policy making concerning Artificial Intelligence and will be included in UNESCO’s AI Decision maker’s Essential to inform policy makers.